Annexation is the administrative process of changing a public agency boundary to take in more land.

When is Annexation necessary?
Calleguas (and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California) have carefully defined boundaries.  Neither may deliver water to land outside their service areas without first annexing that land.  If you are planning a project outside the present boundary of Calleguas, keep in mind that annexation is required before a will-serve letter or a building permit is issued and water service established. Land served entirely by private wells or by other agencies not associated with Calleguas need not annex to Calleguas.

How do I determine if my land is within Calleguas’ service area?
A quick method is to look at the property tax bill for the parcel.  Virtually all land annexed to Calleguas is assessed with the Standby Charge, a small parcel charge that will appear  under Special Assessments.  If the Calleguas Standby Charge is listed, the land is within the District.  If not, the land is probably outside the District.

What costs are associated with annexation?
Administrative expenses begin at about $20,300 and include items such as application fees to other agencies, the preparation of a map and legal description and staff time. Administrative costs vary according to the complexity of the particular project. Some expenses can be shared by multiple properties in a single annexation. In addition, Calleguas and Metropolitan impose annexation fees that presently total $11,577 per acre.  Click here for more information

How long does annexation take?
Typically 9 months from the day an applicant delivers a deposit for the administrative expenses and key information.  Delays in obtaining necessary documents or approvals by other agencies are common and can extend the effort to a year or more. Click here for more details.

How do I start the process?
Call Calleguas at 805.579.7194, write or e-mail ([email protected]) with the identification (Assessor’s Parcel Number(s), address, legal description) of the land in question, a brief description of the proposed project and the status of the project.  Calleguas will discuss the project with you and provide a detailed written response that will enumerate the documents and information required to initiate annexation, and an estimate of expenses and fees.