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Scott H.Quady

Scott H. Quady


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Term Expires December 2024

Scott H. Quady was elected Calleguas Municipal Water District Board representative of Division 2 in November, 2008, served as Board President 2012-2016, and commenced a new term as Board President in 2023.  Retired in 2017 from employment as an Environmental Resource Analyst, he has long-term experience in the non-profit, private and municipal agency sectors.

Academically, he holds a Master of Science degree in environmental science, a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry, and is a Thousand Oaks High School alumnus.

Career track and training include:

  • Engineer-In-Training (EIT) certificate from the California Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • Water Treatment Operator (Grade II) from the California Department of Health Services.
  • Management level certifications (Grade 4) from the California Water Environment Association (CWEA) for two vocations: Laboratory Analyst and Environmental Compliance Inspector.

Director Quady is a member of the Calleguas Water Quality Committee and the Ad-Hoc Drought Response Committee.  He serves on the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) Water Quality and Water Management Committees.  He is Calleguas’ representative on the Board of Directors of the ACWA/Joint Powers Insurance Authority (ACWA/JPIA) and also serves on the Workers Compensation Board. He was elected to the California Water Insurance Fund Board in May 2019 and re-elected in 2022.  He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance. 

Other affiliations: Mr. Quady serves on the Emmett R. Quady Foundation, where he advocates for educational categories in science/mathematics, and U.S. Naval History.