General Manager Profile


Kristine McCaffrey

Kristine McCaffrey assumed the role of General Manager of the Calleguas Municipal Water District in January 2024, where her focus is implementing collaborative and ambitious approaches to improving water supply reliability in Ventura County.

Kristine led the effort to develop the Water Supply Alternatives Study, the most comprehensive effort ever undertaken to identify potential opportunities in Ventura County for water resource planning, evaluating over 123 projects encompassing the entire Calleguas service area and beyond. She is currently leading the Water Resources Implementation Strategy, a collaborative regional effort to identify opportunities for projects and partnerships to improve water supply reliability for the Calleguas service area and beyond in the face of the challenges of a changing climate.

She is also responsible for bringing in more than $37 million in state and federal grant funding for Calleguas projects and has led numerous successful countywide grant pursuit efforts on behalf of the Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County, resulting in tens of millions of dollars of additional funding for agencies and non-profits working in Ventura County water and land stewardship.

Kristine joined Calleguas as a Project Manager in 2004 and has held various key positions, including Project Manager, Manager of Engineering, and Deputy General Manager. She has been instrumental in the implementation of the Salinity Management Pipeline, including serving as Project Manager for the Hueneme Outfall Replacement and multiple phases of the pipeline.

Kristine is a registered civil engineer in California and a Grade 3 Water Treatment Plant Operator. She earned dual bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Engineering and Urban Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a master's degree in Construction Management from the University of Washington.