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Water Use Efficiency

Water Use Efficiency

Rebate Programs

Calleguas Municipal Water District (CMWD) continues to make water conservation a priority and has long offered water-saving rebate programs.  CMWD participates in a Regional Conservation Rebate Program through the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD).  Please visit bewaterwise.com for information on rebates, turf removal, plants, landscape design, and more.

Lose the Lawn - Gain a Garden! (Turf Replacement Program)

Did you know that the majority of residential water use goes toward irrigation of outdoor landscapes?  Our Mediterranean-like climate offers a great opportunity to utilize long established landscaping choices to reduce water use and still create a comfortable retreat.  The Turf Replacement Program rewards landscape designs that incorporate water-saving plants, technology, irrigation systems and other improvements.  Starting September 1,2021, rebates start at $3 per square foot of turf removed!

Commercial Toilet Leak Sensor Pilot Rebate Program

The installation of toilet leak sensors, including sensors with recently advanced technology, for multi-family and Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional (CII) properties within the Metropolitan service area remains in an early state of implementation.  There are limited studies and data regarding these installations.  However, preliminary data from properties within the Calleguas service area suggest that 20 to 50 percent of water used by toilets was going to leaks!  The early identification and correction of leaking toilets can save a significant amount of water in a typical multi-family property.

Calleguas is offering a 50% instant rebate on the installation of a toilet leak-detection monitoring system including the first year of monitoring - up to $15,000 per property!  For more information and the Rebate Program Application Form, please visit: http://www.calleguas.com/images/calleguas-leak-sensor-rebate-application.pdf