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Doing Business with Calleguas

Doing Business with Calleguas

General Information

Calleguas is a municipality in the State of California and is subject to the purchasing regulations established in the Municipal Code. And as a public agency providing an essential service, it is Calleguas' responsibility to procure the most cost effective products and services available while maintaining system reliability. Therefore several criteria including compatibility, reliability, experience, availability and warranty may be considered in addition to price when determining the best option to meet the needs of our customers and ratepayers.

Operations & Maintenance purchases over $50,000 are required to be executed through a public bid process and will be advertised and posted on this website. But many purchases under $50,000 are also bid in an attempt to obtain the best price available. Vendors are encouraged to submit a Vendor Application to become a part of our procurement process.

Sales Calls and Contacts

In order to keep administrative costs at a minimum, Calleguas does not meet with vendors. We encourage vendors to submit a Vendor's Application along with literature, catalogs and other pertinent information so that we may review and categorize the product or service that is offered. While Calleguas does not guarantee that a vendor will be contacted when their type of service or product is needed, every attempt will be made to notify all applicable vendors who have filled out an application and are on file when Calleguas decides to procure through a bid process.

Vendor Application

Click here for Vendor Application Form

The Vendor Application may be e-mailed to Purchasing or the application can be mailed along with a complete literature packet to:

Calleguas Municipal Water District
Operations Support Division
2100 Olsen Road
Thousand Oaks, California 91360

Capital Improvement Projects

Calleguas' capital improvement projects are managed by its Engineering Department and designed by engineering consulting firms. Products are typically researched and specified by the consulting engineers rather than by Calleguas staff. It is recommended that vendors solicit the engineering firms or general contractors rather than Calleguas to have products or services considered for use.